Facilitator Training in June 2020

Have a big impact on this world! Transform people's well-being with energy!

What is the Body Awaken Method?

In BAM! we use the vibrations of sound and bodywork to assist our clients in releasing stuck emotions, such as anxiety and stress, which opens up the body to a greater energy flow that transforms the physical and mental well-being over a short period of time.

Why this training?

After my Kundalini Awakening, I changed careers from being a tech entrepreneur who founded 4 tech companies and had worked with over 50+ startups to bring their products to market to becoming an energy healer and mentor. Why? Because I discovered my passion in assisting others on their spiritual journey! Nothing else felt as rewarding to me as having a positive impact on the well-being of another person. At that time however I had very little knowledge of why kundalini activation, in other words energy activation, is possible and how it actually works. Why do people experience powerful transformations within just one session, and why does this method work for many people so effectively when they could not get much results from other practices for years. I was absolutely fascinated about this new arising energy work and how little we actually know about using energy to heal ourselves, to raise our vibrations, to manifest our dreams and desires etc.

And so I went on a mission! In the past 2 years I’ve made it my daily life to research and understand how energy works, and even more particularly how energy works within my Body Awakening classes and how we can use it intentionally to achieve great transformation within ourselves. My research led me to quantum physics, alchemy, science of sound and many other fields. I even studied past life regression hypnosis, which is just another piece of the puzzle.

This year, I started training facilitators - this not only proved to me that yes, this work can be taught but it gave me great insights of how we all have a unique energetic signature and how important it is to nurture individuality. Thus I want to help you discover who you are as a healer, what your core values are, what your passions are, how you want to work with energy - because quite frankly there are infinite possibilities! The best advice I can give you is to use energy in an authentic way, to be true to yourself and to honour your own desires and preferences, because whatever you put out there, you will attract people that resonate with it. Thus it is so important to be yourself, so you can attract people that YOU resonate! Your work as an energy healer can only be as powerful as your beliefs in yourself. If you question yourself, lack confidence or if you are not passionate about what you do, it will influence your work and results immensely.

AND THAT'S WHY I will not only teach you my framework of energy activation but I will also coach you in becoming clear on who you are as a healer and how YOU want to work with energy to fall in love with your new career - AND to become not only utterly passionate about working as a healer but also to get results and to be successful in what you do!

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The past 2 years of studying energy as powerful healing tool (everyday! intensively!), plus my over 15 years of entrepreneurship and mentoring startups on how to build and run a business, as well as my lifelong passion for learning about consciousness, greatly influenced this facilitator training program and my approach on how to teach you, so that you get the best results for yourself, and you can start working as an energy healer as soon as you have completed your training.

Here are some things that you’ll learn in this training:

Quantum Field & Body Functions

  • Learn the fundamentals of quantum physics to understand the zero point and its infinite potential to intentionally work with energy in your sessions
  • Learn about the human energy field and its energy layers to gain insights on how to best facilitate energy with each individual in your sessions
  • Learn about the body’s nervous system to understand the human conditioning, behaviour patterns, addictions etc. to understand the shifts your students will be going through as the energy will renew and rebuild their body’s nervous system

Science of Sound - my favourite part!

  • Learn how to use music to activate energy within the body
  • Learn how to use frequencies to work on specific energy centres (chakras)

Your Energetic Signature

  • Discover your energetic signature and how to use your energy as a healer
  • Understand your core values, interests and passions to attract students that resonate most with your energy work, and that you LOVE working with
  • Gain confidence in working as a healer, so you can work at your fullest potential
  • Learn how to hold space as a facilitator for individuals and groups

and much more...

The training will take place in January 2020. It includes 4 days of face-to-face training, 8 weeks of 1 weekly group mentor session via video chat, and practical work.

To complete your training in the Body Awaken Method (BAM!) you require to get at least 40 hours of practical work under your belt. You can finish the practical work in your own time by offering one-on-one session to friends and family. Please note, even though I developed a robust training program, not every faciliator will learn at the same speed and is able to apply my teachings in the same manner. It is your responsibility to put into place whatever it is you need, e.g. additional practical work, further studies or mentoring, to become excellent in your work and to ensure you always provide quality services.

No strings attached

After successful completion of your training, you can choose what you want to do with your learnings and qualification. Start working with this modality, or use it as a kickstart to dive deeper into energy healing for your personal growth, or develop your own energy healing offerings combining your passion, interests, and knowledge.


This training offers a total of 100 training hours which include face-to-face training days, online mentor sessions and practical work. In this training, I will teach you my framework of energy activation and I will give you all the fundamentals that you need to start working in this field successfully. Having said that, it is important to me to emphasize that your learnings won't end after completing this training. To be excellent in what you do, to truly empower yourself and others, it is your responsibility to drive your own spiritual growth by continuing to learn as a humble student of life. Always drive to be the best version of yourself to be the best version for others!

Training Date

11th - 14th June 2020 (Thursday to Sunday)
10am to 6pm each day

If you wish to do the facilitator training but the course date does not work for you, please send me an email to discuss alternative dates.


The Leela Centre
113-115 Oxford Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Training Fee

$3900 (Payment Plan available)

Important! The spots are strictly limited, thus if you are interested, please reach out asap and let me know why you’d like to join this training program. My email:

Make a difference in people's lives!

In case you stumbled across this page (ALARM bells! you've made it here for a reason!) and you've never heard of Body Awakening - here is what my students say about my classes and workshops. This shows that we as energy healers can have a great impact on someone's life by assisting them in their healing and spiritual growth! What's more rewarding than that?!

  • Review by Heidi Lude

    Heidi Lude

    "I have had the pleasure of experiencing a few of Katrin's classes and would highly recommend them. Since my first class I've had experienced more energy, feelings of happiness and everything feeling wonderful. It has helped me to manifest my goals and help me with some healing and even releaved pain I have had for a long time in my body. It's definitely helping me to be my best self."

  • Review by Stella Nguyen

    Stella Nguyen

    "A friend recommended I try a Body Awakening session, and life hasn't been the same since! I had no experience with energy or any kind of energy before Kat's classes (admittedly I was a bit of a sceptic) but that's now completely changed. Kat’s transmissions can not only be felt at the physical and emotional level, but also a deep spiritual level that infuses into everyday life, turning ordinary events into blissful and joyous moments. I have also become much more grounded, present and calm, especially in tougher times. Kat has a lovely heart and a happy soul, and her ability and willingness to share her gift with others is a wonderful thing. I encourage you to have an open mind and try out her sessions, and see what profound effects it will have on your life – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

  • Review by Seyonne Kidnapillai

    Seyonne Kidnapillai

    "Katrin is blessed by a divine presence and I have been fortunate to be touched by the divine through Katrin. She is a warm, thoughtful and embracing faciliator. I have had many life changing experiences through my Body Awakening sessions with Katrin."

  • Review by Sthéfanie Zacharias

    Sthéfanie Zacharias

    "I can't express how grateful I am for the experience I had with Katrin. I never felt so connected to my body, mind and soul. I highly recommend the Body Awakening with Katrin for everyone who is seeking for answers and awakening for this new world. Thank you Katrin and I will definitely see you again and again."

  • Review by Rachael Cox

    Rachael Cox

    "I have been fortunate enough to have come across this incredible woman in the last month. We have now had five sessions together - all different - all remarkable. During my most recent session I received an influx of divine light unlike anything I have ever felt. It completely changed my energetic vibration - it was as though I was being bathed in divine white light. My clarity, focus, purpose and sense of peace has been amplified as a direct result of this extraordinary energy. It's powerful stuff! Life changing."

  • Review by Ola Olejniczak

    Ola Olejniczak

    "What an amazing life changing experience it was Katrin has a gift and she kindly shares it with the people who are ready I’m at the beginning of my journey but already experienced profound change in my life and I will highly recommend it to any one that is been interested in spiritual awakening."

  • Review by Larissa Hinz

    Larissa Hinz

    "Katrin is a great facilitator who really cares for you during the session and in the days afterwards. During the session I usually experience a wonderful feeling of peace, joy or bliss. Afterwards I often get insights or revelations which help me to sort out my daily to longterm challenges and even general questions for my life. Body Awakening is a great method for self development and Katrin’s support on that journey is wonderful!"

  • Review by Jay Logan

    Jay Logan

    "The past few weeks have opened me up like I never could have imagined, daily life has become a beautiful and blissful experience. This new found energy that surges through the body pulls me into the moment and opens me up to the immense intensity of experience that was perhaps before overlooked. I feel a sense of unity with others and the environment as I move about my day. I feel so content in daily life."

  • Review by Fenda Ashworth

    Fenda Ashworth

    "I just completed the 5 week journey to unleash your Divine Feminine with Katrin! Katrin is such a wonderful facilitator. The journey came at the perfect time for me. I got so much out of it! Its so powerful and transformative, healing and nourishing. I highly recommend this journey to other females who wish to delve more into their feminine. I also have been going to Katrin's Body Awakening sessions and find them also equally as amazing. If you are ready to work with this very powerful energy, I highly recommend Katrin as a facilitator."

  • Review by Alex Holmes

    Alex Holmes

    "Katrin is someone who is very heart centred, in my experience of working with quantum energy she is someone who really embodies this energy and approaches the intensity of energy in a very loving way (although it can be wild at times). I truely recommend working with Katrin, my experiences with her have been very pure, completely electric and ongoing."

  • Review by Marie-Pauline Desset

    Marie-Pauline Desset

    "I did a one on one Body Awakening session with Katrin and it was a very intense and interesting experience. Rather quickly my body took over and moved its own ways. I was perfectly aware and councious but sort of disconnected. I felt very energised after the session and it lasted over the next days. I have been also less prone to anxiety and more comfortable with myself the following days I would say. Thank you Katrin for this deep and challenging experience."

  • Review by Nancy Lipman

    Nancy Lipman

    "Katrin made me feel completely comfortable in her relaxed space and I was able to relax and let go of any distractions of the day. I went into these sessions wanting to release feelings of anxiety and also some sleep issues as I have a new baby. In our first session I could feel my stomach being activated and energy moving. After our second session I have felt more relaxed since giving birth and I am sleeping deeply all night long. Katrin has the ability to tap into my body and relax my nervous system which is exactly what I needed. I will continue to see Katrin whenever I can."

  • Review by Tamanna Kalhar

    Tamanna Kalhar

    "I cannot thank Katrin enough for the physical and emotional healing my body and soul has received through her energy work. The energy flowed like subtle electric currents during her patient and tender transmissions. I am ever grateful."

This can be you!!!

You can work as a healer and assist others in transforming their lives! All you need to do is go for it! In my training you will receive everything you need to start working in this field successfully!

Facilitator Training

Have a big impact on this world! Transform people's well-being with energy!